Repair Services

Gen-Cal Provides High-Quality Repair Services

General Calibration has the facilities to repair malfunctioning equipment to the original equipment
manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications and requirements. General Calibration also provides complete
equipment repair services along with our calibration services.

Gen-Cal offers fast equipment turnaround.
Gen-Cal provides our clients a single-source for multi-vendor equipment repair and calibration.
Gen-Cal provides recertification should the repair affect the calibration.

The Process:

Instruments that fail to meet their manufacturer's specifications and are beyond adjustment range are evaluated for a minimal fee. The customer is notified of the problem and is given the option of having the instrument returned or to continue with the repair. General Calibration will troubleshoot the equipment. Instruments that require extensive diagnosis will be quoted a maximum service charge for this troubleshooting. After the cause of the malfunction is identified, a repair quote will be submitted to the customer.

This multi-step repair process allows a customer several opportunities to discontinue the repair process for instruments that they may deem as uneconomical to repair.

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